Rebecca Glasmacher

Rebecca Glasmacher


born in September 1990

in Hagen/Westfalen (Germany),

started her first studies in filming when she was 14,

previously she practised in several forms of art including photography,

painting in acryl, coal and pencil.

In February 2006 she decided to make her passion become her profession.

She attended the "Berufskolleg für Gestaltung in Technik" in Aachen (Germany) and afterwards at the "Academy of media Design and Technology" in Maastricht (Netherlands).

During her studies in visual communication (major) and video (minor) she worked for several companies and individuals in the sector of illustration, graphic and film.


From 2014 -2017 she worked as a student assistant for the Medienlabor at the HHU (Heinrich-Heine Universität) Düsseldorf and studied Japanology in the meantime.


Since April 2017 she is working as a Trainee for Nickelodeon Germany.